What is Mov’in Europe?

Mov'in Europe is an initiative to promote ESN mobility.

It is based on two ideas:

  • Mobility is a way of life that all young people should have the opportunity to embrace.
  • ESN and its volunteers can help young people take the first step abroad.

Young people do not have access to the right information or real-life mobility stories to rely on. There are many barriers to overcome: academic, linguistic, social and financial. Our network of volunteers aims to organize Mov'in Europe activities to inform local students about mobility opportunities.

As a campaign to promote mobility, Mov'in Europe aims at different but related objectives:

  • Raise issues of mobility on the political agenda
  • Provide more information on mobility opportunities for young people
  • The promotion of the network to organize events and support the project

The project is carried out in the three levels of ESN, through the organization of events such as mobility days, fairs, language tandems, conferences and others.